Learn how to manage and moderate your customer relationship on social networks

Customer relationship management through social networks has become a necessity for companies and brands, with an online presence. An obligation in part due to addicts of social networks and smartphones. A primary youth target as a result!

According to the companies, it appears that the customer relationship can be a great position that requires staff and constant turnover of people who respond to customers. Let’s look below at what qualities are required and the people best suited to manage this lever.

Let’s not forget that moderation plays a big role in dealing with social media issues. So it may be appropriate to call in expert players, as is the case Netino is Welhelp. So we have to consider this lever and sometimes even use moderation by mixing AI and human as suggested by Netino through his Moderatus moderation solution.

Which social network is best suited to the customer relationship?

After many years of looking at social media, we can easily say that the most suitable social network for customer relationship management is Twitter. This is a micro-blogging platform that presents many advantages for the customer relationship.

The customer relationship on Twitter

Above all, it’s a transparent network that shows the content of the accounts you subscribe to, without falling victim to a range close to zero. If this is the case with Meta (Facebook), Twitter will allow you to follow the information more freely.

Twitter is also a platform where quickness prevails and therefore, the responses to the various requests were relatively rapid. However, it is necessary to show extravagance and not attempt to get a response within an hour after a request. Imagine that requests made via email are processed in a minimum of 48 hours, and sometimes more than that!

Twitter can help isolate private messaging (DM), which gives users the ability to create longer and more detailed queries as needed. It is possible to add visuals to support its messages. Thus these properties make it the ideal solution to stay in contact with its customers and resolve any problems they may encounter.

Messaging for the customer relationship

Beyond social networks and Twitter in particular, we can elevate messaging in the context of customer relationships. Manage customer relationships via email an axis mixed with community management and which are also used by companies. It allows for a close relationship with its customers and trust speed.

Messaging for the customer relationship

Among the most popular instant messaging solutions, we can rank WhatsApp for customer relationship management in community management. It is used by big brands like Carrefour or FNAC.

Who is the customer relationship manager on Twitter?

The most suitable role for managing customer relationships on Twitter for through private messaging, the Community Manager. A profile social media expert and somewhat experienced in the principles of moderation.

Depending on the company, the customer relationship can be more important or can be operated on full time in some cases. However, if it requires an online presence on a large scale, community managers will take turns, as it is very difficult to stay focused on recurring problems reported throughout the day.

The community manager: the pilot of Twitter customer relations

In addition, many companies fall victim to inappropriate words all different from users and customers, so the importance of moderation as previously raised. Several solutions will be considered; dedicate community managers to manage the customer relationship or call in outside experts to manage it.

This is the modest aspect that will direct you to one of the two solutions, and especially to call in outside experts.

Skills required for customer relationship management

Rather than lifting the skill of the community manager which remains a necessity, above all the qualities, personality and ability to communicate play an important role here. You have to be strong and able to endure it, not to exaggerate and overdo the language of the heart, because it is usually too much.

You also need to know how to show empathy, know how to quickly analyze a situation and be synthetic with the responses to be given. The emotional factor has no place when it comes to fair and equitable, otherwise control is easily gained by users at the expense of the community manager who represents his company.

Image and fame: 2 purposes to serve in customer relationships

Work on your image and maintain your fame, or its construction, are the primary purposes in the context of the customer relationship. All the more so if we consider the moderation pan, where users will always enjoy any overflow, but on the business side at this time. You need to appear calm and resolve each situation as accurately as possible.

Image and fame: 2 purposes to serve in customer relationships

So this is the company’s ability to find the right solution to a problem which can enhance its image and ultimately its popularity. We can also increase the speed of processing requests, and the customer satisfaction that should result.

In conclusion

The customer relationship, and the moderation that results from it in many cases, requires real skill and knowledge that shouldn’t be left in anyone’s hands. If the community manager is the main driver of this lever, he or she must be an expert and have a strong personality. This is especially the case with companies that need constant presence to manage their customer relationship on social media.

A solution to mixed AI and human based moderation as Netino suggests Webhelp can be very useful and even recommended in some cases. Customer relationship management would not be lost without this point for many companies operating online.

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