his virtuous demeanor revealing many aspects of his relationship with the queen

Since marrying Prince William, Kate Middleton has tried to respect the rules of the monarchy. Alas, this wrong step will not pass!

It’s been a year since Prince Philip flew to the stars. Before recovering from the tragedy, Queen Elizabeth II struggled to move on. Recently contaminated with Covid, she has difficulty managing the consequences of her slow recovery. Deprived of official events, we made sure to use videoconferencing. In terms of entertainment, his cane keeps him from walking with his cute pets or riding a horse. A drama! Consequently, regarding the service of Action to her deceased husband, no negotiations were possible. Whatever it cost him in terms of effort, he was at Westminster Abbey. Alas, that day, Kate Middleton’s behavior shocked the opinion. Objeko explains why and how!

Was Kate Middleton wrong?

The children of Kate Middleton and William are still mourning the loss of the monarch. In fact, older George and his Charlotte knew him very well. Unlike their cousin Archie, they have so many memories of his partner. Even if it seemed paradoxical, by attending that day with Queen Elizabeth II, they proved to the planet that they were as far away from the heirs as anyone else. Right or wrong, for psychologists, attending such occasions remains essential to mourn this wonderful (great) grandfather.

Some days, Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrate their coral wedding. For those who don’t know, that means they’ve been married for eleven years. Here again, Objeko can’t stop drawing the similarity of Meghan Markle. Unlike his American brother -in -law, one who loves to dress up Zara making it a point of honor to respect the ways and customs of Windsors. In fact, in recent weeks, his trip to Jamaica has created controversy. If this doesn’t work, he’s careful to ignore criticisms. In addition, in the opinion of specialists, he was maneuvering behind the scenes so that the two brothers would definitely bury the ax of war. But it’s still a long way off!

Too many details?

A perfectionist at heart, he hardly crossed paths with Elizabeth II, rather than doing a work he considered a priori good. However, its precious balance will collapse in loss and collapse. In England, we just talked about that… Objeko told you everything! In the columns of Cambridge News, the incident was reported to us with great seriousness. ” Footage from the office shows Kate Middleton taking a course as the Queen walks past her towards her chair ! When they saw that he was doing this, he was imitated by the Countess of Wessex and his daughter Lady Louise. The three are less known to fall from this second. Now making history, the press has summed up Prince Philip’s Action service with this micro detail. A drama!

For their part, many of the participants in this funeral service did not want to copy Kate Middleton’s act. Let’s say, this is not a sign of lack of respect or contempt for England’s sovereignty. After 70 years of reign, he was no longer witnessed by others. In the rules, it is written that you must do your best bow when you cross your path for the first time in the day. Because he didn’t react immediately, we didn’t count on him to justify. We immediately realized that we would never know if this was the case with William’s wife. What an unbearable mystery!

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